Home organizing services, office systems, content editing, a big change or all of the above. Boost Organizing helps with everything from chaotic closets and clunky resumes to growing garages and soon-to-be home gyms. Free alliteration included.


Reduce stress by making things easy to find and easy to put back. 

  • Clothes, linens, closets
  • Kitchenware & pantry

  • Tools & supplies

  • Books & collections



Simplify your workspace and routine for greater impact in less time. 

  • Paper management
  • Email processing
  • Online & office file systems
  • Time management


Choose what's important, focus your message and make a bigger impact.

  • Resume refresh
  • Content editing
  • Email templates 
  • Presentation polishing


Life changes or sometimes you want it to change. Turn frustration into opportunity. 

  • Moving, downsizing or simplifying
  • New addition or empty nest
  • Business start-up or career change
  • General reset and refresh


What are the benefits of hiring a professional organizer?

Hiring a professional organizer is similar to hiring a personal trainer or coach. In general, you may know what you need to do to get in shape. But a good trainer can show you more efficient and effective methods to reach your goals. With someone to guide you, you’ll have a greater chance of long-lasting success.

It’s also good to get a “second eye.” You become attached to your stuff and your content, even if sometimes it’s not useful or valuable to you. It’s hard to let go. But, an impartial partner to give you perspective and guidance improves project efficiency and speed.

Do you do the work or do we work together?

If your goal is to stay organized, you need to work with an organizer so he or she can best understand how you “work” and what your preferences are. Plus, only you can decide what stays and what goes.

For copy editing, once you share the details needed, the editor works alone and can walk you through the edits once complete.

Will you throw out my stuff? What if I’m not ready to let go?

Professional organizers don’t throw out your stuff. We help you decide what to keep and where to put it. Then we give advice on where to get rid of the stuff you don’t want. If you’re not ready to let go of something, we should find a spot where it can be appreciated.

Do you bring the supplies needed or do I have to purchase them?

We bring initial supplies and try to use what you have first. If you need additional items, we can discuss that once we determine that a system is working for you.

Do home organizing services include house cleaning? Do you build closet systems?

Home organizing services do not include house cleaning or carpentry. 

What if I’m embarrassed about my situation?

Do not be embarrassed at all. There is no judgment only excitement at an opportunity to help.

I might go to a personal trainer and feel embarrased that I can’t jog more than two minutes at a time. But personal trainers get into the training business just for that reason: to show you that you can do it. You can do what you didn’t think you could. 

Should I put things away or clean up before you get here?

Some professional organizers suggest you leave everything as is so they can see what you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. But, if you have things that can’t be repaired or that you know you don’t want, go ahead and get rid of them. That’s a great start.

Next Steps


Project Details

Send some detail on what you need help with, your location, and when you’re hoping to schedule your project.

Free Phone Consult

A quick chat will help determine project scope, timeline, and budget. We can talk about how home organizing services work, address concerns and answer any questions. If we decide that Boost is right for your project, we’ll schedule a 60-minute on-site assessment.

On-site Assessment

At the assessment, we’ll do a walkthrough, discuss what’s not working and what’d you’d like to change. With that, we’ll create a project plan with an initial estimate of hours. Then we’ll schedule the first session and leave you with tips to get you started right away.

Scheduling Visits

We schedule sessions in a minimum of four-hour blocks to make visible progress. Clients may need only one or two sessions or regular sessions during a period of time. Ideally, we get you organized for good and only come back for a little refresher, if needed.

Project Details

Send some detail on what type of content you’re working on, the audience and any deadlines.

Free Phone Consult

A quick chat will help us determine your copy editing needs and the scope of the project.

Content Walk-Through

If we determine that Boost services are right for your project, we’ll set up a content walk-through to discuss your goals and where you need some help.

Edits and Review

You’ll get a round of edits and we’ll discuss any further work needed.

Ready to get started?

Send a few details about your organizing or editing project or any questions you may have.

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