The Why

We* chose the word “boost” because of the great lift you feel from paring down and putting things in order. It’s more than just cleaning out the garage. It’s figuring out what makes you happy and deciding how you want to live. Sometimes, a good clean out can help change your life.

But, we also choose “boost” because getting organized is often overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know where to begin. Or you know where to begin, but dread the idea of it.

What if you had someone to help? Someone who could get you where you want to be faster? A home organizer can help you break down your big project, make a plan and see results.

Sometimes you just need a little help, a lift up, a boost.

The How

Boost Organizing provides home and office organizing guidance to reduce stress and make some space.

Working together, we’ll find efficient, sustainable solutions. You’ll end frustration and gain clarity. And, once you start making progress, your confidence will build. You’ll go from sputtering starts and stalls to full on “let’s do this.”

The Who

Who is Boost for or who is Boost? You who or me who? I’ll go first.

Behind Boost organizing, is me, Molly. I’m a home organizer based in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few bits about me:

Molly Hanlon, Home Organizer at Boost Organizing
  • I have more than 15 years of corporate experience. I used to organize strategic communications programs, online content, large-scale events, and efficient office systems.
  • Prior to becoming a home organizer, I worked for some industry-leading companies. From a world famous iconic brand to successful start-ups and a Fortune 500 big tech company.
  • Now, I research and read about behavioral science and habit development, organization methods and simple living solutions.
  • “This is one of the most organized moves we’ve ever done,” a moving crew said to me once. Some people run marathons. Some people climb mountains. I get excited looking at a well-organized closet.

Who is Boost Organizing for?

I created Boost to provide a lift up for people who feel stuck or stressed out, for the overwhelmed and the underconfident. 

A good clean out can give you clarity and confidence, but it can be daunting. As a home organizer, I want to help people go from feeling overwhelmed to breathing a sigh of relief.

Imagine you could change your life by deciding what to keep and what to let go?

*By “we” I mean my brother and I but we did use a whiteboard.

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